Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Case Study : KE Safiya Center

After all my researches on Autism,next step get into a center for a case study.To understand their Activities  Functions and Space allocation.I choose KE Safiya Autism Center which newly constructed Autism center situated in New Mahe,Kannur, Kerala if more specifically it is in beautiful hill named as Kidaankunnu. Center undertaking by the NGO named Dubai Mahe Muslim Welfare Association(DMMWA).The space is really organised and structured very well.They deliver excellent service in all form of actions.

Facilities they provided;

Parent Infant Programs
Guidance & Counselling Programs
Audiological Evalutions & Intervention 
Speech,Language,Communication Intervention Programs
Occupational Therapy
Special Education
Physical Education
Art & Craft Education
Sensory Therapy
Remedial Teaching

Center Overview


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